Camera Earwax Removal Kit


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  • 1. Available for phone and computer display.
  • 2. With six adjustable LED lamps for clear checking.
  • 3. With three-in-one Connector(Micro USB, Type-C and USB).
  • 4. The 70 degree view angle offers flexible DIY cleaning of your ear, nose and mouth
  • Borescope with the semi-rigid cable–Unlike similar USB borescopes with soft cables, the ones with semi-rigid cables can be forwarded to the narrower place more easily, such as air conditioners, automotive cylinder, narrow pipe, etc. Easy-to-use inspection camera–For OTG Android smartphones and tablets, you need to download an app as recommend by Customer questions & answers. No need for more installations. Waterproof IP67 and dimmable LEDs–The Camera is also a helpful tool when you have to find your treasures or other small objects from the bathtubs or pipes with water in.
  • Upgrade design for safety and hygiene.Support for washing, easy to clean. You can use the alcohol or water to clean it after use. But please don’t soak in water too long.
  • Can be used for checking the ear, ear canal, eardrum, mouth, gums, throat, nasal cavity and etc. Suitable for the daily cleaning and inspection of adult children or your pets. An essential tool for any family and a nice gift for your friend
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